Have you ever caught a
little piece of sunshine
off the surface of a glass
of Chardonnay?
It begins a flighty dance
all around you, flirting
with your senses,
Light and carefree
And of course your eyes
follow it. What else can
they do?
They follow it as helplessly
as they would follow Ines
Much like a ray of light,
Ines is the women who
waltzes her way through life
elegantly, free spirited,
fresh and fiercely
She is naturally classy
and casually French in
the charm she exudes,
always preferring the
understated chic to the
flashy popular
Her reaction to a tacky
interior is a pouty face and
a light-hearted shrug
Born into a style of her
own and always
comfortable in her own shoes,
Ines walks in like a
breath of fresh air and
effortlessly catches around
her a cheerful aura of
simple and timeless
Then with a light foot
something of the
Fairies, she strolls out
leaving spring behind

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